Rethink aviation.

allDots is an integrator with focus on a new, connected mindset for
Urban Air Mobility.

allDots an his partners are complementary and sharing the capability of forming a early stage strategic partnership.

allDots concentrates their workforce around activities bearing the opportunity to deliver its partners the room for collaboration.

What’s allDots all about?

allDots functions as a flexible, supplier-independent integrator and works collaboratively together with the his partners.

allDots assembles the suitable partner and team set-up according to the clients requirements.

allDots appears as a One-Stop-Shop for the client regarding the planning, development and operation of Urban Air Mobility solutions.


Malte Laas
All Dot Solutions GmbH
Luruper Weg 20
20257 Hamburg
Tel.: +‭49 171 6883376‬

Handelsregister Hamburg

HRB 149592

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