The African Drone Forum 2020 will take place in Rwanda from February 5 to 13, 2020. allDots supports its partners and the African Drone Forum for the days in East Africa.

allDots has connect QLEX and Synergeticon together from its partner network. As #TeamQLEX we take part in the forum and the Find & Assess competition.

Why is allDots participating?

The situation in East Africa

Today, road accidents are Africa’s third-biggest killer. According to World Bank estimates, Africa needs to spend $38 billion more each year on transport infrastructure, plus a further $37 billion on operations and maintenance. The continent’s infrastructure deficit is more than a mobility issue. 

Drones as enabler.

Drones are the starting point for a radically new model of low-cost, fast and futuristic transportation. Transforming mobility infrastructure can provide rural towns and villages with access to modern services such as emergency aid, commercial goods and medical supplies. Increasing drone use in Africa can not only bring great benefits to business, agriculture and the health sector but quite literally save lives by taking deliveries off the roads and into the sky.

The focus of our solution is the reliable and fast provision of vital information. This requires an efficient process from data acquisition using a drone to evaluation using geomapping. The process requires the integration of two key solutions: the drone mission and the data evaluation. 

The powerful Creo drone from QLEX is used for data acquisition. The artificial intelligence based algorithm from Synergeticon takes over the data evaluation. The integration of the key solutions and the mission organization is guaranteed by allDots. The results are on the one hand the information about the location of the debris is required for planning the recovery. Here it is important to obtain as precise information as possible about the location (pictures) and the location (coordinates). On the other hand, location information about boats that are in the danger zone is required. For both results it is important to gain precise information, because in both cases people are at risk.

As an important supporter for the #TeamQLEX, allDots was able to win its partner Flynex for support with the flight planning and workflow software in order to guarantee a professional flight process. Added to this are ZEISS, which are striving to work with allDots and provide the brand new ZEISS Ventum lens. Together we would like to gain knowledge under the special conditions in East Africa.


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