Mobility itself is chancing radically: Innovations, aiming to chance the status quo, are emerging on a daily basis. Unmanned aerial systems are considered one of the key innovations.

How are we going to keep an eye on the big thing considering the dynamics of this young sector – and always make sure to create value for people and environment.

Key questions.

Who is able to evaluate the areas of application and benefits of unmanned aerial systems?

How to raise the acceptance of using unmanned aerial systems in a civilian context?

Which repercussions and external effects are coming along with the use of unmanned aerial systems?

How are the yet unclear legal and technical frameworks regarding the unmanned aerial systems evolving?

Who is able to link hardware and software into an fully operational system that actually flies?

We don´t know all the answers of these complex questions our self.
But we‘ve created a suitable framework to develop them collaboratively.

allDots is an integrator with focus on a new, connected mindset for Urban Air Mobility.

allDots is manufacturer-independent and works together with a network of valuable partners and experts.

allDots places the added value for human beings and their surroundings in the focus of the solution development.

allDots stands for transparency in the area of unmanned aviation and acts as an enabler in this young market.